About me

Name: Abigail

Nicknames: Cookie (kind of an odd one), Little legs (short), and strawberry (red hair)

Age: 11

Favorite Animals: Elephant

Best Friends –  It is hard to just choose one friend so here are some of my closest My friends include Ava , Kiele , Gabby , Collin , Kylah , Eliana ,Stella , and Celia

Favorite Color: Hard to say maybe Blue or mint green

Favorite types of Dogs: I am in love with my neighbor’s golden retriever ( so fluffy)

Favorite Food: it is hard to say because there is so many varieties of food so maybe; chicken

Hobbies: soccer, basketball, shopping for JUST SHOES, and running with my neighbors around the street

Ice Cream flavors: I prefer Lemon sorbet over ice cream but vanilla is fine

Favorite lollipop flavor: This is a weird one but I like watermelon & blueberry                 

Favorite Mouth: February ( birthday month)

Novels or Fairy tales: DEFINITELY A FAIRY TALE, fairy tales are more exciting because they make me wonder off into my own little world

Position for soccer: Center full back & left half back

Outdoor Activities: Man Hunt & Kick The Can ( sometime soccer

Pets: Quaintly I have one dog Named Hope she is a lab mixed with a collie

Favorite Roller coaster: I don’t like roller coasters but I did like the Diamondback at Kings Island

Favorite Subject: Math & Language arts but really I like MOST subject

Favorite Song: Little Did You Know

TV Show: Chopped and ESPN Sport

Favorite Vegetable: Honestly I don’t like MOST vegetables but i do like lettuce and Trees (also known as broccoli)

Harry potter or Star Wars: Star Wars ( Use the force)

Books or Movies: Honestly I love reading the books because it gives you so much more detail


5 thoughts on “About me

  1. I also prefer books and fairy tales! I have a bookshelf of fairy tales although I mostly read the Grimm’s fairytales. Also my sister called me battle giant so cookie sound way more normal than battle giant.

  2. Hi Abigail,
    I really like your post. You are actually like me in some ways! I have a golden retriever (They’re so fluffy) and a shiba inu. Shiba inus are small, Japanese dogs that YELL at you (yes, yell. Shiba yell) when they want attention. I LOVE reading books. Have you heard of the book series “Warriors” by Erin Hunter? It’s my favorite series.
    Come check out my blog!: http://hmsjennifer.edublogs.org/

  3. Hi Abigail,
    I have a golden retriever. Her name is Lily and she is so fluffy! I also have a shiba inu named Sophie. I also love reading books. I recommend a series called “Warriors”. It’s my favorite series. It is about cats that have to survive in the wild. Come check out my blog!:

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